Bean Bag Grab

The “Beab Bag Grab” is very similar to the simpler game Steal the Bacon.┬áThis is a classic group game where teams of players compete head to head to grab beanbags and return them back to their line.

Picture Example:


  • 5 Bean bags (or any other small item that is soft yet durable)
    One beanbag of a special color or design is preferred for the middle beanbag.


Align players by height, and assign the first four tallest to teams 1-4, continuing down the line. You should have 4 teams fairly even by height.
Then, go down each team (still by height) and assign numbers to each player, starting at #1 (so the tallest on both teams would be player #1).

Place the beanbags in the center of your play area, with teams 10-15 feet away.


  • The game leader will call out a single number. As soon as the number is called, players who are assigned that number run to grab the beanbags.
  • Beanbags are first-come first serve. There is no stealing other player’s beanbags.
  • No knees may touch the floor. If they do, that player’s points score nothing at the end of the round.
  • The middle beanbag is 2 points, the other four are each worth 1 point.

The game ends after at least everyone’s number has been called. I recommend setting a time limit and mixing up the numbers called so players don’t expect certain numbers..


  • If you’re playing this on a holiday, replace the beanbags with holiday items.

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