Donut Ring Fishing

Players pair up and one tries to eat a donut while the other “fishes” for their teammate.

Game Setup:

Tie the string to the end of the stick, and then tie a donut to the other end of the string. The end result should look similar to a fishing pole.
Pair up players in teams of two.


  • Yardsticks, or other long, durable sticks. ¬†Fishing poles may be used if you have them.
  • Yarn/String to tie donuts to the sticks.
  • Tape to keep the string on the sticks
  • A donut for each player.
  • If playing indoors: clean tarp / plastic to catch dropped donuts


  • The players must stand several feet apart and cannot move from their starting positions.
  • The player with the fishing pole must navigate the donut into the mouth of their partner.
  • The player eating the donut can only use their mouth – no hands!
  • The team that eats their complete donut first wins. ¬†If no team eats all of their donut, the team that eats the most wins.
  • If a donut falls, the team is finished for this round. It is up to you if you let them finish eating the donuts at that point.
  • Switch players for a second round where the other player now gets to eat.

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